Lee Miles Produces Aldo Leopardi’s Villains & Heroes EP

Aldo Leopardi may not come immediately to mind when you think of bands that sound like Oh My Stars, but listen again to the Villains & Heroes EP and you’ll hear that signature sound in the production. That’s attributable to the work of Oh My Stars frontman Lee Miles, who joined Aldo in producing his latest EP. Before their first meeting, Lee’s reputation as a producer for up-and-coming guitar rock bands (including bands that sound like Oh My Stars and others) preceded him. But the musical chemistry between the two artists clicked immediately once they got in the studio. Working together, Aldo and Lee were able to capture the essence of Aldo Leopardi’s latest material. Villains & Heroes embraces the strut and energy from Aldo Leopardi’s live performance while simultaneously exploring the lyrical depth of the EP’s conceptual subject matter.

Both Aldo Leopardi and Oh My Stars draw inspiration from top modern rock bands and classic rock pioneers, such as Foo Fighters, INXS, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Villains & Heroes celebrates influential rock genres while simultaneously reinventing them. The resulting sound is incredibly refreshing, with a familiar authentic attitude  reminiscent of the charismatic stars from early classic rock music.

Online, you can listen to tracks from the Villains & Heroes EP, including a song written by Lee Miles specifically for Aldo Leopardi. “Not Enough” is a resounding collaboration which features Aldo Leopardi’s distinctive vocal stylings channeling the songwriting chops that make bands that sound like Oh My Stars so compelling.

Stream Villains & Heroes in high fidelity on the Music/Videos page.