Aldo Leopardi: One of Denver’s Top Guitar Rock Bands

Summing up a unique artist’s sound in words is always difficult. Aldo Leopardi, frontman of a top modern rock band in Denver, describes his sound as in the same vein as guitar rock bands like Foo Fighters, The Angels (Angel City), Rose Tattoo and AC/DC. If you’re at all familiar with those bands, you’ll recognize that they represent a wide spectrum of nationalities and rock subgenres. But as guitar rock bands, they share a few qualities.

So, what exactly is guitar rock? Bands that embrace this label all characterize it differently, but the attitude strikes at the core of what a top modern rock band should be.

Guitar rock bands write songs that are dynamic and high energy. Through your stereo, it feels like being on the edge of your seat while watching an action film with a charismatic lead role and a compelling plotline. In the crowd at a concert, it feels like a party with every single one of your friends.

Guitar rock bands are aggressive, yet melodic; tough, yet insightful; complex, yet catchy.

Guitar rock is thick and busy, underlain by thundering grooves, carried by infectious riffs and threaded together by virtuosic leads and solos.

Guitar rock songs swell and climax like an epic poem, but they only linger for the good parts, like a one night stand.

Guitar rock, done right, is like a Jack and Coke. It tastes good, it makes you feel good and it only gets better as you have some more. And that’s the way Aldo Leopardi does it.

See and hear Aldo Leopardi and his band for yourself to experience guitar rock at its finest.