Bands That Sound Like 3OH!3

The Boulder/Denver Colorado music scene has given the world numerous innovative, chart-topping acts, such as 3OH!3, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and DeVotchKa. While there are few bands that sound like 3OH!3 and other breakout artists from Denver, there are a number of acts that are following in their genre-bending footsteps. What 3OH!3 has done for pop and electronica is similar to what Aldo Leopardi is working on doing for modern guitar rock. Melding influences from AC/DC and David Bowie to The Angels (Angel City) and Collective Soul, Aldo Leopardi’s music pays tribute to classic rock while simultaneously reinventing the genre. While Aldo Leopardi wouldn’t likely be named among bands that sound like 3OH!3 or other anomalous Denver artists, his arc towards influencing the genre as much as it has influenced him is characteristic of rising artists from the Denver Colorado music scene.

Aldo Leopardi writes songs that touch upon universal themes, such as love, pain, coming of age and thrill seeking. His melodic vocal lines thrash atop an undercurrent of angular guitar riffs and percolating rock song structures. The sum of his songsmithing is a highly energetic, guitar-driven sound that is both densely complex and hooky.

The subtle ways that Aldo Leopardi does more with the genre forged by top modern rock bands are best understood by hearing his songs for yourself. You can stream songs from his self-titled debut album as well as his Villains & Heroes EP online on the Music/Videos page.

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