Self-made Bands that Sound Like OneRepublic

After the resounding chorus of “Secrets” (“Tell me what you want to hear!”) began ringing out across in television promos and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice soundtrack, bands that sound like OneRepublic began scrambling to capture that infectious pop rock sound. Aldo Leopardi, however, is a musician who has shared qualities with OneRepublic long before their breakout fame. Bands that sound like OneRepublic may or may not know about the band’s history. Formed in 2002, OneRepublic achieved much of its prominence before they were signed. OneRepublic garnered fans and buzz on MySpace for a full four years before being picked up by Mosley Music Group.

The best explanation for why OneRepublic was slow to show up on A&R exec’s radars was their skirting of mainstream genre typecasts. OneRepublic has stated in interviews that they are “no respecter of genre,” and it shows in their long list of varied influences.

Aldo Leopardi shares this transcendence of genre. Billed generally as a “top modern rock band,” Aldo Leopardi’s influences span a wide range of contemporary and classic rock bands. Also similar to OneRepublic, Aldo Leopardi has built much of his prominence from the ground up, without the aid of major record labels. Aldo Leopardi delivers his unique brand of aggressive, catchy guitar rock through direct channels. But in spite of being an independent artist, Aldo Leopardi’s concerts bring the presence and excitement of a big rock show.

The high energy entertainment of Aldo Leopardi’s concerts has spread by word of mouth, and Aldo Leopardi now has a steadily growing fanbase in the Denver Colorado music scene as well as abroad.

If you enjoy bands that sound like OneRepublic and bands that sound like 3oh3, check out Aldo Leopardi online.