Bands That Sound Like Carolina Liar in Denver, Colorado

Aldo Leopardi is a forerunner in the wave of guitar rock bands gaining popularity in Denver, Colorado. While Aldo Leopardi’s sound shares influences with bands that sound like Foo Fighters and bands that sound like Carolina Liar, Aldo Leopardi brings a distinctive edge to the genre. Whereas bands that sound like Foo Fighters tend to align themselves with the post-grunge era and bands that sound like Carolina Liar hail from the post-punk movement, Aldo Leopardi embodies the heart and soul of the top modern rock bands.

Aldo Leopardi, an Australian-born guitarist and singer, came to the States with a deep love and appreciation for classic rock. Music online at hints at the influence of rock legends. It stomps and struts like AC/DC, builds epically like Led Zeppelin and pushes boundaries like David Bowie. But in spite of Aldo Leopardi’s classic rock inspiration, his music carries the pop sensibility and slick production of a top modern rock band. He melds the traditions of rock genres into something truly unique.

As a modern rock band, Aldo Leopardi’s sound runs parallel to bands that sound like Carolina Liar due to its evolutionary nature–but Aldo Leopardi’s roots appeal to a more “meat and potatoes” rock purist crowd. Aldo Leopardi’s repertoire includes a few mid-tempo ballads in the vein of Carolina Liar’s “Show Me What I’m Looking For,” but just as often, Aldo Leopardi’s introspection is inflected through aggressive, riff-driven songs.

The best way to get a feel for Aldo Leopardi’s original sound is to listen for yourself–stream songs from free online music from Aldo Leopardi’s discography on the Music/Videos page.