Aldo Leopardi – Villains & Heroes EP Will Appeal to Fans of Bands that Sound Like Foo Fighters

Fans of bands that sound like Foo Fighters might want to check out Aldo Leopardi’s EP Villains & Heroes. The EP kicks off with the densely angular, yet catchy “Love,” which features a driving beat reminiscent of Dave Grohl’s simple yet hard-hitting drum style. This beat carries the song forward with fist-pumping resolve, as the single’s signature riff slithers around it like a menacing serpent. Aldo Leopardi’s melodic vocal style carries some of the gravel of Grohl but his crisp elocution is a clear departure from the Foo Fighters, which sometimes obscures its lyrics in fuzz and growl.

Those looking for bands that sounds like Oh My Stars won’t be disappointed by “Not Enough.” Written by Oh My Stars frontman Lee Miles (who also produced the EP), “Not Enough” melds the melodic songwriting of Miles with the distinctive voice of Aldo Leopardi.

Bands that sound like Foo Fighters often share an assured, sometimes angry lyrical content, which is on display in full form on Aldo Leopardi’s “My Parade.” “My Parade” is a bad ass’s coming of age story that swaggers with bravado, yet carries a kernel of hard-earned wisdom. The loud-quiet-loud dynamic so often attributed to The Pixies and Nirvana adds even more power to this song’s arc.

In spite of the resolve in the penultimate track on Villains & Heroes, the EP ends on a note of existential mystery. The epic two-parter “The Villain & The Hero” begins with bemused irony as the speaker laments losing it all, even after manning up and doing the right thing. A contingent peace is made as the closer transitions to “The Hero.” But the question lingers: “Why does all this love cause so much pain?” While the hero despairs by the end of the EP, the song leaves hope for fans that the answers to this question will be explored in a followup album.

Preview the Villains & Heroes EP online for free, and don’t forget to check out videos and photos from Aldo Leopardi concerts.