Not Enough: Aldo Leopardi, Lee Miles

Verse 1

Here’s to the Lonely, and the used.

Here’s to the only one, I refused.

She said it’s getting cold here.

Yeah, it’s getting cold here, Baby.

I feel it too.  I feel it too.


It’s not enough to say the words.  Yeah, I love you.

You got to run into the heart, just to find the truth.

It’s not enough to change your mind,

just before we’re through.

Singing  ah….

Verse 2

Three cheers for my Lady.  To your eyes.

I’ve been feeling so special, lately.  To my surprise.

I feel it’s getting warmer.  Let’s get a little bit warmer, Baby.

We’ll be alright.  It’s going to be alright.

Repeat Chorus twice.