My Parade: Aldo Leopardi, Aaron Lane, Muno Wahab, Lee Miles

Verse 1
When I was young,
I thought I was cool, I knew everything, and broke all the rules
Too funny, Never on the money, Looking for a way to break out.

It’s been a few years, and now I’m a man.
I’ve shed a few tears,
I’ve done what I can to keep quiet,
Never starting riots,
But Now I think it’s time I got to BREAK OUT. Of this shit, is what I’m talking.
Better keep on walking, because I’m not stopping for no one.
If you want to be somebody, forget about the money.
Step into the sun and find some time for today.

Chorus 1
I’ll never let this feeling fade
And this time I’m doing things my way

Verse 2
So many places, they tell me to go.
To find a new god, and reap what I sow.
Seek Ghandi, it’s all about the money.
Open up a book and I will FIND PEACE
Well that’s some shit I think you’re talking.
Verses never stopping.
Jehovah keeps on knocking at my front door.

Chorus 2 and 3
I’ll never let this feeling fade.
This time I’m doing things my way.
No cloud can rain on my parade.