Looking for Bands Similar to Maroon 5? Experience Aldo Leopardi

Whether you’re into powerful vocals, driving guitars, or power pop sensibilities, there are a lot of reasons to love Maroon 5.

If you’re like us, though, you’re always on the lookout for music that both matches your style AND offers a different experience. Aldo Leopardi is among bands similar to Maroon 5, but his group has an identity you won’t find elsewhere.

Take a look as we compare Maroon 5 and Aldo Leopardi’s music. Or, get right to experiencing Aldo’s songs on Spotify and Jango.


Maroon 5’s influences come mostly from the 1980s and the power pop / new wave era. You hear it in songs that draw on acts like Michael Jackson and The Police. “Moves Like Jagger,” one of Maroon 5’s biggest hits yet, pushes a frenetic pace, hits several vocal ranges, and uses an aggressive, driving beat.

While Aldo Leopardi is among the bands similar to Maroon 5, his influences include classic rock as well as power pop. Aldo’s self-titled debut album does retain the “jump” of 1980s music. However, the vocal phrasing and complexity are more in the classic rock genre. The same is true for his follow-up title, Villains & Heroes, in which classic rock and modern rock elements play a greater role.


Both Aldo and Maroon 5 reflect on sex, love, and heartache in their albums. You can hear this in Aldo’s music with songs like “Not Enough” and in Maroon 5 selections such as “She Will Be Loved” and “Makes Me Wonder.”

None of these songs are saccharine-sweet love ballads. Instead, they come from the experiences of the songwriters. Some of the music is about the difficulty of finding the right person. Other songs are about being in a relationship and the almost-obsessive nature of that love. Some of the best-known songs from both bands deal with losing love: the way that loss makes you feel and how you find the strength to move on.

One important characteristic to note is that Aldo Leopardi’s songs are powerful, sexy, and joyous even when the subject matter is angst and regret. It creates a strange contradiction in the listener, but it’s the sort of sound that keeps you coming back for more.


Maroon 5—and bands similar to Bon Jovi and Nickelback—are subtly complex. While many people simply enjoy their songs for the feelings they evoke, fans of the modern rock genre and those who know the groups’ discography can experience them on many different levels.

Both Aldo Leopardi and Maroon 5 offer little riffs and creative touches. Fans explore these elements of the music when they listen for a second, third, or twentieth time. There isn’t so much going on that it would distract the casual listener from enjoying the music on a surface level, but the subtle notes in the choruses, riffs, and lyrics entertain play after play.

Now that you know how Maroon 5 and Aldo Leopardi compare, discover their music for yourself on Spotify and Jango