Evolution: How Bands Similar to Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, and Nickelback Stay Popular

 This post is one in a series of interviews about Aldo Leopardi. Below, we sit down with Curt Sautter, independent record producer and Founder of Delirium Records.

In previous interviews, you mentioned that you saw a progression in Aldo Leopardi’s music. What do you mean by that?

Aldo’s self-titled debut was a creative mix of classic rock. You had guitar lines like Angel City’s, the rock-joy of AC/DC, and great vocal melodies in songs like “Kings and Queens.” There was also a synth and new wave sound that came through in some of the songs.

In his next album, there’s a transition from influences to identity. You start to see what Aldo Leopardi’s music is, and like bands similar to Nickelback or Maroon 5, Aldo’s grows from a combination of genres to a sound all his own.

Why is it important for musicians to grow?

Great music is great music, but I think people want to hear something they’ve never heard before. They want to discover songs like the ones that they love, but they want a complete reinvention of them. It’s a thin line between evolving as a band and losing yourself.

Think about Bon Jovi, where he started in the 1990s, and where he is now. Bands similar to Bon Jovi aren’t bands that sound like Bon Jovi, necessarily. They’re bands that understand what their sound is and how that sound can develop with modern tastes and modern ideas.

Where did Aldo start, and how has he grown?

I’ll use Maroon 5 as an example again. Bands similar to Maroon 5 evolve over time and albums. Aldo has done the same. He’s grown from youthful genres to become a solid performer and artist in a more adult-orientated, modern genre. Both Aldo and Maroon 5 proudly embrace and use their influences in their sound. The difference is that Aldo evolved into a modern rock artist, and I would say that Maroon 5 grew into a soul-based artist.

How each band is different is less important than the fact that they have grown from relying on great influences into unique musical voices. It’s hard to say where Aldo will take that sound, but seeing the way in which his music has developed has me looking forward to his next album.

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