Modern Meets Classic: Rock Bands Influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Other Legends of the Stage

 In this post, we continue our series of interviews about Aldo Leopardi. Below, read our conversation with Curt Sautter, independent record producer and the founder of indie label Delirium Records.

Why do you think classic rock is important?

Classic rock is important because there are thousands of bands influenced by The Rolling Stones and bands influenced by The Beatles. It would be harder to find groups that don’t have their influence than groups that do.

So, essential classic rock bands transcend taste. You don’t think of them for their songs or their albums or their genre, really. You think of them as “music.” You can talk about bands like The Beatles from a historical perspective and how they reflect a time and place, but for me, it still comes back to the music.

The Rolling Stones, The Beatles… What other bands make you think “classic rock?”

Definitely Led Zeppelin should be in there. And AC/DC.

In a previous interview, we talked about Aldo Leopardi’s classic rock influences. Do you see a connection between these bands and Aldo’s songs?

I think Aldo’s music has the same sort of quality songwriting that you see in great classic rock. Whether it’s the vocals or the instruments or the structure that we’re talking about, there’s a lot of thought put into each element and a level of complexity that keeps you returning to the music.

Also, I’d say Aldo Leopardi is one of those bands influenced by AC/DC, since they’re both from Australia. They both share that rebellious joy that makes for true rock ‘n’ roll.

What is modern rock and how does Aldo’s music represent it?

Modern rock is the current genre you hear being played. It used to be “album-oriented rock,” then “alternative,” and now “modern.” It’s more complex than the power pop sound of the 80s, but it does keep the same “jump” that makes songs catchy and hard to forget.

Modern also has the angst that you heard in classic rock. It’s not a sugary, young emotion, but the mature, heartfelt angst of an earlier generation.

Finally, modern rock has driving guitars, percussion, and rhythm. It’s lighter than heavy metal and hard rock, but it grabs you in the same way. Aldo’s more recent songs are great examples of this sound. Listen to “Not Enough,” and you hear these elements. His music represents where the genre has gone and the direction I hope it continues to go.

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