Australian Rock of the 1980s | A.L. Music on Bands Influenced by The Angels and Rose Tattoo

This post is one in a series of interviews about Aldo Leopardi and his music. In this edition, hear from Curt Sautter, independent music marketer and the founder of indie label Delirium Records.


Some U.S. audiences may not know why Aussies rocked the 1980s. What makes their sound distinct?

Australian rock from the 1980s and into the modern rock era has one constant: It’s fun. Australian rock doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows that rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be sexy and joyful. Modern bands influenced by Rose Tattoo or The Angels come through on that promise.

So Australian rock isn’t just a regional taste?

I think it’s universal. Take AC/DC. I can go into a country bar and put on AC/DC, and people are going to smile and dance.

Sounds like a party. You mentioned The Angels, who have a similar tonality and vocal style to AC/DC.

But The Angels have more of a New Wave swagger than AC/DC. They’re jumpy and aggressive in their sound. They’re also lesser known outside of Australia, with the exception of rock ‘n’ roll fanatics.

How do you see The Angels and Rose Tattoo’s influence on Aldo’s band?

Much of Aldo Leopardi’s music has a blues base. Like [Australian blues rockers] Rose Tattoo, Aldo brings a youthful lyrical angst to a blues core. I get the same kind of “it’s my life, my rules” feeling from Aldo’s “My Parade” as I do from Rose Tattoo’s “Scarred for Life” or “We Can’t Be Beaten.”  To me it’s about the vibe and the message.

As for The Angels (aka Angel City), listen to their album, Face to Face. In particular, check out their song “Marseilles,” and then Aldo’s “Everyone’s Talking But Nothing’s Been Said.” On both, you hear driving rhythm guitar. They also share edgy vocal phrasing.

All three of these bands represent different identities and sounds when you look at them as a whole. The wonderful thing about Aldo’s music is that he pulls from a vast pool of influences, but he doesn’t become a carbon copy. His songs are uniquely him.

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