“Not Enough” Aldo Leopardi on the Radio – News Update

September 30, 2011

Greetings Villains & Heroes!


We have some exciting news as well as a few updates that we wanted to pass along to you! The first is that Aldo’s song “Not Enough” is being played on a couple of radio stations in Colorado! KSPN in Aspen and KFMU in Steamboat Springs are both playing the song. If you would like to request “Not Enough” at either KSPN or KFMU, you can do so by using the request line information below and be sure to listen to both stations online:

KSPN FM “The Valley’s Quality Rock”
97.3/98.3/103.1/100.1/107.5 FM
Request line: 970-925-1997
listen online at http://alwaysmountaintime.com/kspn

KFMU FM “Colorado’s Finest”
104.1 and 105.5 FM
Request line: 970-879-5368
listen online at http://alwaysmountaintime.com/kfmu

We also want to remind everyone that we’re entering the final stages of the “My Parade” video contest. The end date for video submissions is October 16th, so you have just over two weeks to get a video posted on Youtube and linked Aldo’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AldoLeopardiMusic. Please visit the Facebook page to see and comment on the contest entries so far.
Complete details and contest rules can be found at AldoLeopardiMusic.com.

We are also continuing to offer a free mp3 download of the song “Love” from Villains & Heroes to anyone that signs up for Aldo’s mailing list, so if your friends haven’t signed up yet make sure they know about this special offer!

More coming soon!

– Your friends at Backslash Records

The Roots of the Aldo Leopardi Sound

September 21, 2011

You never forget that moment when you realize your calling. For Aldo Leopardi, it was when he was just ten years old. “I was watching TV, brushing my chompers and AC/DC came on, playing ‘Jailbreak.’ I was hooked,” he said. “I thought, wow, that’s a pretty shitty theme they are singing about, but they are having a great time.”

The video for AC/DC’s classic “Jailbreak,” in case you haven’t seen it, is starkly straightforward by today’s music video standards. It’s Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Bon Scott, Phil Rudd and Mark Evens rocking out hard, banging heads, pumping fists and wailing into mikes. There’s no storyline, no actors or models, no CGI. The only prop that appears in the video is a hacksaw, brandished with a wink by Bon just before Angus takes center stage to rip a solo. It’s rock ‘n’ roll charisma, crystallized in its purest form.

“It inspired me to learn to play music and pursue the art of rock ‘n’ roll,” Aldo said.

Aldo spent his childhood and teen years idolizing the likes of KISS, David Bowie, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and other classic rockers. He took up the guitar and began gigging in Australia when he was a teenager. By his early twenties, he was self-producing and recording his own music.

Aldo still admires many of the same things about his rock idols as he did when he was a kid growing up in Australia. But he also has a deep appreciation for the artists who’ve helped shape the genre through innovation, such as the Foo Fighters, Powderfinger, Linkin Park and Nickelback.

Aldo draws inspiration from his eclectic tastes in music and combines them into a sound and act that’s all his own. The showmanship of Van Halen, the pop sensibility of The Cars, the virtuoso guitar playing of Stevie Ray Vaughn, the meat-and-potatoes songsmithing of Foo Fighters; you get a hint of it all when you listen to one of Aldo’s records or catch one of his concerts. Yet, when these influences and inspirations from across the decades come together, it sounds like something completely unique. The result is something refreshingly honest and original that celebrates the best of all worlds.

Aldo Leopardi’s sound and attitude all come to a head at his concerts. A far cry from low-key coffee shop gigs, Aldo curates a full night of non-stop entertainment with a rock and roll party vibe. From handpicking hot opening acts to spicing up the show with dancers, video streams and other surprises, there’s never a dull moment while in the crowd.

Win a Free iPad!: Help Create the Official “My Parade” Music Video and Win an iPad2

September 8, 2011

To promote the release of the Villains and Heroes EP, Aldo Leopardi is asking you to help make the official music video for the single “My Parade.” We’re asking for submissions of original fan-made music videos for “My Parade.” The two best entries—as determined by Aldo—will receive a free iPad2. Afterward, we’ll be taking clips from the best fan music videos to create the official music video for “My Parade.”

How to Enter

To enter the contest, do all of the following:

  • Create a fan-made music video for “My Parade.
  • Upload your original music video to YouTube.
  • Publish the link to your video entry to Aldo Leopardi’s Facebook page.

Entries must be received by midnight PST on October 16, 2011 to be eligible to win.

You can download the track along with the Villains and Heroes EP from our store page. Also, check out the “My Parade” lyrics for some inspiration.

How to Win

Two (2) contestants will receive one (1) free Apple iPad2. There will be one grand prize winner from each of two categories:

Most Original Music Video

The first winner will be handpicked by Aldo based on creativity and originality.

Most Viewed Music Video

On October 31, 2011 at 12:00PM PST, the total views for each video entry will be recorded. The videos with the top five views will qualify as finalists. Aldo will judge the top five finalists and choose one grand prize winner to receive an iPad2. The other four finalists will receive a Backslash Records Aldo Leopardi prize pack.

You can read the full video contest rules here.

Become a Part of the Music

Regardless of view count, Aldo Leopardi and the team at Backslash Records will be reviewing the videos for the best scenes created by the fans. We’ll be picking the scenes that we like the most and including them in the official music video for “My Parade.”

To Aldo, “My Parade” is a modern rock update to the Frank Sentra hit “My Way.” He says, “In life, you’ve got to find your own way. Society will try to tempt or coerce you away from your dreams right from the start. When I was a kid, I had this ‘fuck the world’ attitude. Sometimes, it got me into trouble, but that angst helped me stay independent and headstrong. If you follow the wrong thing, you end up not being true to yourself. And no amount of money, religion or social posturing can make that kind of life satisfying. You’ve got to do it your way, mate. Don’t ever let your dreams die.”

That’s what “My Parade” means to Aldo. Now, show us what the song means to you by creating your own music video.

Villains and Heroes + Paulina’s Promise = Good Music for a Good Cause

September 1, 2011

The Villains and Heroes EP is out! As announced in the press, proceeds for the record will benefit Paulina’s Promise, a Colorado-based charity that raises funds for the Heart Institute at The Children’s Hospital in Denver. The charity is named after Paulina Radz, the daughter of Gary and Nora Radz. Paulina was one of about 35,000 infants born each year in the U.S. with congenital heart defects. The Radzs spent 37 heartwrenching days in the Cardiac Unit of The Children’s Hospital in Denver as doctors attempted to save their daughter. During their time at the hospital, Gary and Nora saw numerous miracles being performed for families and their sick children and infants. Inspired by the dedication and daily heroics they observed, Gary and Nora promised themselves that, no matter what the outcome, they would do all they could to support the facility. Unfortunately, Paulina’s life could not be saved. But the Radzs kept their promise.

The Paulina Radz Memorial Fund was established to benefit The Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital Colorado, a new facility that did not exist when Paulina was born. Funds are raised for the memorial through the Paulina’s Promise Seminar Series, an annual day of continuing education for the dental community. All the proceeds from the event’s tuition fees are donated directly to The Heart Institute.

As a leading cosmetic dentist and prosthodontist in Denver, Aldo first became involved with the seminar series when it began in 2005. Because Aldo had also lost a loved one at a young age to congenital heart disease, the cause deeply resonated with him. He participated as a speaker the following year and began leveraging his esteem as a prosthodontist to build awareness and bring in more speakers. Today, he serves on the board of directors of Paulina’s Promise and remains passionately involved with the future ambitions of the cause.

Donating the proceeds from Villains and Heroes is one of the ways that Aldo is working to expand and deepen the impact of Paulina’s Promise. Introducing the charity to music fans is just the beginning. Although the seminar series has its roots in the dental community, Aldo envisions an annual event that reaches out to the general public through music, concerts and other events that will bring the community together to support the fight against the number one cause of death in the first year of life.

The premise of Paulina’s Promise was founded on the question: “How can we each use our talents, experience and expertise in order to make the biggest impact?” For Dr. Gary and Nora Radz, Dr. Aldo Leopardi and the other doctors who first got involved in Paulina’s Promise, a unique and prestigious seminar series was the best answer. But Aldo hopes to further harness the talents of local artists, performers and event organizers to make an even bigger impact.

“Supporting the absolutely amazing work that The Heart Institute does is something I’m extremely passionate about,” says Aldo. “I want to do everything in my power to help the cause. But like hundreds of people who feel the same way as I do, I’m not a heart surgeon or a medical researcher. Paulina’s Promise is and will be an excellent way to allow us to take what we do well and love doing and direct it toward a greater good.”

Learn more about Paulina’s Promise at www.paulinaspromise.com.