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Aldo Leopardi, Prosthodontist by day - Rock Star by night, does not disappoint with his 3rd release, “VICE”. This five song EP continues to showcase Aldo’s maturity as a song writer and singer, with a focus on Adult themes. In life, we often tend to break things down and compartmentalize our experiences into black and white. This record focuses on the grey of life, both in complex adult relationships and self awareness. A diverse range of rock genre sensibilities are exceptionally explored in this new record. However, the Aldo Leopardi quintessential Rock sound still forms a foundation for this exciting sonic release.

Australia-born, Denver, Colorado-based hard rocker/internationally renowned dentist Aldo Leopardi spent his formative years soaking in the riffs of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, David Bowie and his homeland heroes AC/DC, even while attending dental school. Leopardi, who splits his time between operating his own private practice in Denver, publishing articles, speaking worldwide as an authority on prosthodontics (dental cosmetics and rehabilitation) and turning it up to ten on-stage and in the studio, cites more recent rock acts like Foo Fighters and Sound Garden as contemporary influences. Leopardi released his eponymous debut in 2006, followed by Villains & Heroes in 2011. Expect a good time anytime Aldo is rocking the house.

Aldo Leopardi has proven himself a constant professional within his dental career, and a rising force on the music scene. Time may pass and paths may alter, but Aldo knows that to succeed in anything, never lose sight of your goals. He is an example to follow your dreams and share your passions.