March 17, 2016 marked Aldo’s 3rd release, “VICE”. He re-united with “Villains and
Heroes” producer Lee Miles, and co-collaborator Aaron Lane, to write and record this
record. This five song EP continues to showcase Aldo’s maturity as a song writer and
singer, with a focus on Adult themes. Aldo explains, “In life, we often tend to break
things down and compartmentalize our experiences into black and white. This record
focuses on the grey of life, both in complex adult relationships and self awareness.” A
diverse range of rock genre sensibilities are exceptionally explored in this new record.
However, the Aldo Leopardi quintessential Rock sound still forms a foundation for this
exciting sonic release.

The first song “Calling”, written by Lee Miles, explores the heart felt anguish of
“reaching out one last time to a lost love”. A song Aldo connected with immediately and
gladly recorded, showcasing his vocal range, emotion and diversity. “Vice”, the title
song on the record is a brutally honest exploration of one of the most taboo and
tumultuous relationships one may find themselves in. This high energy yet dynamic
production packs a punch; with driving guitar, melodic and engaging hooks. A
welcomed addition to the Rock genre. “Killing the Game” explores the quagmire of our
modern lives; that of combating the social dogma and economic challenges we
invariably face, all of which eat away at our ability to live for today. This song reflects
Aldo’s attitude to never lose site of making the best of each moment. The haunting
hooks and retro feel are reminiscent of British 80’s icons “The Cure”, drawing you into
it’s hypnotic musical journey. “Breathing” is an exploration of coming to terms with
rejection, from both perspectives in a faded relationship. A dynamic guitar driven piece,
this track showcases Aldo’s guitar and vocal ability. The final track, “Reminiscing” takes
the listener on an engaging, whimsical journey down memory lane. This acoustic 12-
string guitar driven track is the most recent of Aldo’s writing, exploring tangential,
colorful and uplifting rhythm and melody voyage. The subject matter explores what we
at times find ourselves doing, reminiscing about past relationships that have touched
our lives.

Aldo Leopardi has proven himself a constant professional within his dental career, and
a rising force on the music scene. Time may pass and paths may alter, but Aldo knows
that to succeed in anything, never lose sight of your goals. He is an example to follow
your dreams and share your passions.

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